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Alex Lytle.

I build things for the web
I'm a friendly developer based in Fairfield , CA specializing in building,
designing exceptional world class websites, applications, and everything in between.
01. About Me

Hello! I'm Alex, a Frontend Developer based in the Bay Area

I enjoy creating beautiful clean websites that are engaging. I aim towards a minimalist web design approach that creates a wonderful user experience. My goal is to create a unique experience for the users of my site.

Shortly after serving in the United States Army, I started perfecting my skills at a designer and a developer. I started working professionaly at Lyrtod Software and countinue to grow everday

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

Javascript & Vue





SPA (Single Page applications)

02. Some things I built
02.B Capstone Projects

Submit a post for all users to see

Like and unlike users

Submit a post for all users to see

Filter subscribers by Country, State and cities

Realtime message system with websockets

Block and unblock users

Report offensive content to administration

Live search to find users based on name, country city

API intergration with registration to help auto fill Country, City and State

Save your favorite burger combo to your account

Single Page Application using Vue router

State manegment using Vue Pinia

Burger builder UI for creating custom burger combinations.

Account management for each user

Larvel Sanctum for SPA authentication

03. Where I worked

Lytrod Software a software company specializing in print and finishing software. As the lead web developer we created a full software subscription ecommerce service. With many advanced features. Including the following, registration with no payment upfront,upgrading subscriptions to multiple activations seats and ability to add multiple years to name a few. I have also implemented many apis including google spreadsheets, custom wordpress api endpoints, Woocommerce api.

Webfield Design is a Web design, development agency. I’m the sole developer at this company. My accomplishments at webfield design was to create a custom backend for monthly subscriptions and single charges to add to users accounts. Also I did design and development client work including logo design.

04. Contact Me

Thank you for contacting me :)